And it goes on!

Veröffentlicht: 8. Dezember 2010 in Uncategorized

The forgotten one? Well, no! The week started a little bit stressful and after my mobile phone hang-up on the boot screen *god damnit bootscreen, shame on you*, I was busy for about five hours! Did you notice what I said? FIVE DAMN HOURS, sitting in front of my computer like a freaky nerd and wave about with the Desire. Actually, there are more exciting things in the world, trust me!

Forget it! Now to the positive aspects of every-day life! Christmas markets everywhere, parking lots nowhere. Yay. Admittedly, Christmas markets are kinda lovely when it is snowing and every human soul standing to each other with a hot spiced wine, but on the other hand, we, the residents suffer from the pleasure of the others °_° I’m serious about this point!

Well all right, we have arranged to go out with some friends on Wednesday evening. Guess, where? To the christmas market, haha. My suggestion was to leave the car next to the entrance and fill selfmade hot spicy wine in thermos jugs and put it in the trunk of the car. So you can always come back and refill your cup until you get shit-faced. LOL!

Hilarious masterplan 🙂


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